If your bin has not been emptied or has been missed as part of our usual collection, you can tell us here.

Just some of the reasons why your bin may not been emptied can include; the bin not being out on time, the bin being too heavy or difficult to move or the recycling bin being contaminated.

Once you have submitted your request we will check with our crews and vehicle cameras before contacting you.

Missed silver bin

We are not able to return to empty missed silver bins, please put out any extra recyclable waste in a cardboard box on your next recycling collection day, or you can take extra recyclables to your nearest recycling centre.

Contaminated silver bins

If your silver bin has been contaminated with items that cannot be taken to the county’s recycling facility then we will leave a sticker on the bin asking you to contact us. This will lead to an inspection and we will advise what was wrong with it and what to do next.

You can notify us online that your silver bin has been contaminated and has not been collected.

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